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I'm not sure what's going on there! Basically it seems to return results of any thread with an occurance of Forex or News when Freefox performs the search, rather than "Forex News" as it should. Works fine for me. Can you tell me freefox exactly where you're searching from (which page, header, drop down or advanced search). And default settings, screenshot would be handy.

Hi Paul,

Sorry not seen your reply until now.

Here's a screen shot of the Advance Search I am doing.



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I hope the recent posts (now removed) does not distract from the fact there is still a serious problem with the search facilities on the site.

As there been any progress with identfying the problem?
It's at the top of our list of problems, and will be fixed this week.

We're also implementing a new bug tracking and enhancement system where members can submit bugs and see the status of them, also getting updates from our developers. This should also be in place this week, further announcement to made on launch.
The search has now been fixed, everyone should now be able to use the full functionality of the search, specifically the ability to do boolean searches (AND, OR, "specific phrase"). If you do have problems still, then mention it here, otherwise we'll assume everything is indeed fine.
That's great to hear. We're thinking of adding the ability to search for 3 letter words (at the moment minimum is 4). I think this will be useful for things like the currencies (GBP, USD etc)