Scoot (SCO)

Just before close on Friday Dayrider said a 2 mil buy had gone through, i checked and there it was. A short time later the 2 mil trade disappeared and was replaced by 1.65 mil. Did i imagine this or did anyone see it too.
After hours there was also a buy of 4.8 mil.



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Hi Steve,

I did not see the 2 mil trade but advfn confrims the 1.65 mil. and 4.8 mil. buys..thus leaving buys about 4 times as much as sells: 11,198,580/3,735,988.

If you're following SCO..also note that the price popped outside the bollinger bands (narrowing in 1 month timeframe) which usually results in a bounce..
best wishes..



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Not sure what significance the trades will have, but since the beginning of October it has gone through the lower BB on 8 occasions and still headed down. Other indicators show this stock to be very bearish. My view is steer clear for the time being.

Who knows whether it is the Market Makers playing their usual games with this one.


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I'm seeing fairly large and long term bullish divergences on my RSI, MFRSI and DirMov indicators for SCO. Started around the start of October.
Anyone any views

Cookie.. whats a fundi view on these.


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This is an easy one - in the short term they are in the toilet!!!

To Sept '99 made a £20 mln loss and were £25 mln in debt.
To Sept '00 made a £39 mln loss god knows how much they owe now but they did buy Loot.

Revenues are far from impressive but they do appear to be in cash to the tune of £41 mln ???? £ or $ i'm not sure.

I bought at 191 and again at 169 nearly as bad as Thus - NOT my favourite shares.

IMHO follow you charts, but solely on the basis of fundies - steer clear.




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Cookie said well regarding the fundementals..I can't see any chart support either at the the only thing that can push sco up is positive news regarding a buy out...

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