Scam alert


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If you get any mailings from DCM publications or "Streetwise" using an accomodation address at Beaufort Court, Admirals Way, London, don't touch them with the proverbial.

They are peddling a cobbled together "winning roulette system" together with a money back "guarantee" that they refuse to honour.

(No fool like an old fool, huh ?)
DCM publications and Beaufort court rings a bell. So how much are they charging for this system then?

Ive only played Roulette for money about 4 times, usually come out on top. There are systems that work pretty well, but requires quite a large amount of money to start with and you only play for 10 spins then take your money and run.
Money-back guarantee on a roulette system eh?

If only they were all as easy to spot as this........