SBing the US Stocks!


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Hello Everyone

I'm currently having great success playing gaps on US stocks. I'm trialing a piece of software called Pristine ESP which gives real time alerts to different trading strategies. The gap plays are working very well, however I have a problem. I currently use D4F which currently SB around 275 US stocks. This greatly restricts my profit potential.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to other SB companies with perhaps more US stocks or should I go CFD?

Any comments greatly appreciated

Hi Chris,

The problem with UK SB/CFD's is the unrealistic, punitive spread on US (or any!) stocks.

If you can afford a direct access account through a US broker, you'll be paying a minimal (or no!) spread - maybe 1cent - and dealing commissions can be under $10 a trade!! :)

The software available is light years ahead of anything the UK has to offer.

See posts by Naz or Mr Charts for the best info available.

Thanks for the info.

D4F spread is a tiny 5 points on all US stocks. I'm I right in thinking that I could trade more stocks with CFD with the spread matching actual bid and ask? Can you buy all listed shares?

5 points doesn't sound "tiny" to me!!!

and you'll find that you'll be lumbered with other charges and problems judging by other posts relating to D4F, however, I cannot speak from personal experience......

With SB or CFD, the UK spread on US shares will be the UK dealers price which will vary from company to company, and bear no relationship to the US spread (much bigger!! :( )

When I last enquired, the UK SB/CFD tradable US shares were mainly restricted to Nasdaq 100 and Dow 30, but phone your dealer for up-to-date info........

With US level 2 direct access you can trade the lot.....! (and indices)