SB share spreads

Ross Spur

Senior member
Anyone worked out which SB gives the best deal overall on share trades? Apart from different spreads added on top of the market spread, it's getting complicated now with some offering only rolling bets (eg, new CMC) and varying charges for holding overnight, short or long, etc. I think Capital Spreads used to be the cheapest, but maybe not now?
From what I've seen Ross, most spreadbet firms offer about 10bps per side - so a 20bp spread. Capital Spreads offer a 10bp spread I think.

Financing ranges between +/- 2-3% over LIBOR. Once again, Capital Spreads seems pretty cheap at 2% whereas GFT charges 3%.

I'm waiting for capital spreads to release their Iphone app so I can compare them to CMC. The latter company seems to have improved somewhat to what it used to be like.
Ig's spreads aren't that wide wherever there's volume.
Popular FX and index from 0.3 and shares, commodities from 1
CMC actually has some narrower spreads than ig but only a few "id suggest using 2 platforms"