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sidinuk said:

So basically a guaranteed stop will make you feel more comfortable in your trade and every now and again you'll be glad you had it but you'll pay very dearly on the 95/100 trades where you didn't really need it. Much like an extended warranty on an electrical item which only has a 5% chance of actually breaking down but for which you paid 25% of the price for.

Remember, trading is all about probabilities.

Financial Spreads charges 0ver 7 times the bet, or the equivalent of 7 points!

FTSE 100 trend as of 29 August

I'n new to Technical Analysis and keen to start swing trading the FTSE 100. I thought I'd use this board to outline my analysis and would welcome any feedback from those who are also taking a view on the FTSE for the purposes of short term trading (rather than intra-day trading). all comments welcome!

FTSE100 on upward trend.

Arguments for:
A double bottom that begin at the beginning of July has completed and a breakout occurred with a breach off 4430. A trend line up can be drawn from 16 Aug The 200 MDA has also been breached

Arguments against:
Volume associated with breakout appears low


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Hi Ken,
Just a thot...there is a FTSE 100 August 2004 thread, where I think u have posted b4....maybe the best location to receive comments on above :)
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