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Hi Everyone
Just joined and found your comments on various topics very interesting indeed. I think all 'newbies' like myself appreciate the time and effort that has gone into posting material.
I have been using BOM for the past year now and would like to 'dip my toes' into spreadbetting - my question therefore is this -is there any one sb firm that stands out above the others or are they all more or less the same ?



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This is bound to be a contentious answer, but IMHO two firms are head and shoulders (no make that a neck) above the rest - Deal4Free and the new Capital Spreads. I invite the inevitable retorts !


Captial spreads

Thanks for prompt reply. do you know what the minimum stake is to open an account with CM ? could'nt find anything that relates to that on their site.



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CM, do you mean CS. I opened an account without putting a jot in and then placed £500 in to just test the water first to see how things go. I am very impressed so far, especially with the prompt customer service yes I know they are new but they seem to be trying to get it right from the start. I used a couple of other SB companies not D4f and cs is defo better then any of the others I have come across. I would not like to comment on D4F there system seems professional and I like the way they allow mulitple pop outs of screens etc etc, but certainly for ease of setting the account up I felt CS was far easier. We shall see how it goes anyway. Also their spreads are quite narrow, I only trade DOW and they have a 5 point spread which is the same as D4F.

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Hi Ray

Welcome to T2W :)

I think which SB company depends on what you are trading, as some are better than others in certain area's.
May I ask, what will you be trading :?:



Basically I've just been dipping into the indices - the dow mainly and had a couple of trades on msft. The bulk of my experience - if you can call it that - has been on BOM/Dow - bull/bear etc - I ventured into the forex recently on some demo platform and had phenomenal success which I guess would be attributed to luck more than sound trading rules, which is basically saying I never had a clue what I was doing !. However to get back to your question I did purchase Vince Stanziones book about spreadbetting and found it very interesting indeed which then enticed me to pursue it further. However as I read more and more I find there is a lot to learn, this I dont mind as I find the markets very stimulating indeed. My other concern is the SB firms themselves, after reading the reviews on this site the pros and cons seem to be fairly evenly distributed - so I guess its just a question of trying each one out and finding which one you would be comfortable with.
Overall I think I would like to trade the American markets as they seem to be more dynamic.
Whether I can do that on the amount I would be starting with
(about £200) remains to be seen. Unfortunately in that position I would be placed in the 'Aspiring to be a very small player'' catergory.
Because of the quality of this site (excellent) I know I will find material from which I can learn and pick up things and then gravitate towards various stocks etc. At the moment I dont have any favourites - but as I said I have been going either bull/bear on the dow via BOM.


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