List of SB Companies


As a newbie trading the DOW index, I'd be grateful for any help giving the complete list of UK SB companies which offer spreadbetting in indices.

Are there any other SB companies besides CMC which give a live prices feed with an order ticket to place instant buy/sells at the live price? I know that the Finspread order ticket keeps you waiting while it has to bring up a quote when you've gone into trade.

All help and views would be gratefully appreciated. :)
I said on another thread that one of my accounts is at CMC where I do like their trading platform .. I like their live continuous 'prices meter' with an instant (usually) order ticket.

Bro, you have probably looked through the broker section at T2W which has reviewed the spreadbet firms .. Cantor, City Index, CMC, Financial Spreads, IG and Tradindex.

What you presumably are looking for are latest comments from T2W members in general. Other newbies as well as seasoned players could give you their opinions .. there is an awful lot of experience and knowledge here.

Just how the various platforms perform for T2W members is something I always find interesting and useful.