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I see a couple of threads from members pushing rumours in stocks they already own. Please tell me, this isn;t the level to which this board is about to descend? I know I don't offer too much constructive input, but if it is, then I'm out of here...

wayno said:
Please tell me, this isn;t the level to which this board is about to descend? I know I don't offer too much constructive input, but if it is, then I'm out of here...


no chance dude, just because the Car Key Boi has descended to this level, it does not mean that the rest of the board are gonna follow suit
There's no ramping permitted on these boards. If you see something which you believe is ramping, then use the 'Report this post to a moderator' button at the bottom right of the offending post, and one of us will at our discretion amend or delete the post.
Wayno! Tsk! I'm surprised to see your question; though I can quite understand it.

This has to be the most 'honest' site I have ever come across.
Although you are 'fairly' new to the site, though 'not' (I hasten to add to the people that do not 'know' you,) new to trading, by being what a lot of people would class as the 'enemy' (Or were.)

Silly how people get misconceptions isn't it? It's all part of the 'ring' that's needed for trading. Without one...etc.

Anyway, the 'rampers' are normally 'shot' down fairly quickly. The site being as it is; is open to free speech (which is how it should be) and the moderators do a good job of keeping it for the likes of the common man. (Sorry Skim, Helen, Bonsai and others; nearly forgot you lot.) add 'Girl' to that. (Oh sigh!)... That sentence will invoke the wrath of (any) of god's blessed.

I will carry on...

There has been a small (thankfully) stream of individuals/companies trying to promote whatever for self gain.
The 'small' traders, (and I don't mean that in a demeaning way,) hope to profit from an announcement that this, that or the other has/will happen.
Then there are the 'pros'. Who have come before... and will come again... trying to promote their 'products', albeit in a roundabout way.

Thankfully they ..."die by their own sword...' by posting predictions of what is going to happen.

One such person used to predict what was going to happen, and 'forgot' when it did not pan out. The last prediction that we were going up big time and was subsequently met by major falls saw the posters demise along with his website.

There are postings now with a 'sting' waiting to be delivered. The pre-emptivness already in place. (Just wait and see.) Which will go the same way. Then you you have the others waiting in the wings...

There is only one answer to the markets...

It's something I will not sell, yet a one word answer to all your problems is there. It will not make a lot of sense to the masses. But it will make you! (This of course is not directed to you Wayno).

In fact. I'm going to turn this into a competition. I can lodge the 'answer' with someone like Skim to prevent any cheating on my part. But in truth you all know what it is.
Acceptance of it is a different matter; and can take years to realise the answer.

The prize?

Not a lot. Just a vote from me.

Who am I?

No one really, just some tosser who's been around a few years :p
car key boi- good answer!
Options- do we know each other? or have you just read my past postings?


p.s. market- makers- really viewed as the enemy? hmm maybe I really should show my face at a breakfast do or similar...
just like to add another 2 cents in regard to rumoring blah

whether yuo like it or not, stocks have been driven by market rumors and sentiment since, well since the first stock exchange was formed

it is THE most influential force that can effect a share price

now i know a lot of yuo bois and gurls are TA purists and don't even listen to the news while yuo're trading, instead yuo just concentrate on what yuor charts are telling yuo, and that is fine, we all have our different styles of trading and i respect them all

on an intraday timescale, TA bois make up about 50% of the market, the other 50% are tards like myself who work the fundamentals (over a longer time scale, that percentage increases in favor of FA tards) and we most certainly take into account rumor and market sentiment for a stock.

now i can assure yuo guys, that if i post a rumor about XYZ company, i'm not doing so in the hope that everyone on this board is gonna jump onto that stock in the hope of artificially inflating it's share price so that i can profit from it. That would be ridiculous. But rumors are part and parcel of trading, and always will be. Yuo only have to trawl through any of the most respected financial dailys such as the WSJ or the FT to find rumor reports. In fact, i don't care if a rumor is true or not. If a sizeable chunk of the market thinks a particular rumor has some substance to it, i will trade on it, even if i personally think the rumor is bullsh!t. Of course, i will run a very tight trailing stop if in the event that the rumor turns out to be so.

And finally, there are numerous trading ideas, strategies and opinions on this board, and from what i can see, all of them are offered in good faith. But everyone knows, or should know, that it's up to everyone to do their own research before following someone else's advice, trading tip, whatever

and if the tip/advice/blah turns out to be crap, the responsiblity for any losses incurred, does not rest upon the author of the tip/adivce/trading strategy or indeed the owners/admin of this site

we are all adults (even thou i myself act like an immature asshole for the most part) and as individuals, we must bear the responsibility for any negative consequences as a result of following someone's tip/advice/idea/blah

that is all

- Car Key Boi :cool:
Wayno,you're posts are of interest to me (no experience of how the financial markets operate behind the scenes) and your departure from these boards would be a loss.
Hi all

Just remember one thing


At the end of the day it's your own money at risk, not someone else's

Options- Phew!! that was close, you nearly started WWIII :eek: ;)
Wayno. No m8 I don't know you personally, just from reading your postings. I think you have the distinction of being the first mm to post on here. It's nice to have that insight.

FB. Close m8, yeh, lol. I think it slipped past 'em. phew! Think they must have all been baking a cake or something. Lol.