RSI period for intraday trading


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Hi all,

I was just wondering what period you all use for RSI when trading intraday. I tend to use P=14 with a 3 min chart.
Should I perhaps be using multiple RSI's, ie 14,21,50?
Any other suggestions?

Yes a level 2 screen with direct access.

But if you realy must use technical analysis i know that some Nasdaq traders use a 13 period slow stochastic on a one minute chart and the same with a 3 minute chart.The buy signal is when the slow stochastic on both charts (1 minute and 3minute)rise thru the 20 band at the same time.This of course works very well on very liquid stocks.Even more of a plus if the futures are behaving the same way.

No its not fool proof.But there are loads of people that use it.I have done myself and taken an awful lot of profits out of it.The only tip is to sell when the move is over extended on the stochastics.

I hope it helps.
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