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I am trying to tradie the ftse futures intraday and could do with some help with my chart/indicator set ups.
Altho comfortable with Tech Analysis I am finding the move from daily charts to intraday a little unsettling.
For eg on a daily chart i may use a 5 and 20 day ma. A 14 RSI. A MACD of 26,12 and 9 etc.
The problem I am having is transferring this to a much shorter time frame.
I am using 5,10,30 min charts.
Would someone tell me what period lengths they use for their indicators on their intraday charts. i.e. i dont want to just know that you use RSI on a 5 or 3 min chart but I want to know what length you use for these indicators.

for e.g.
What is your chart length 3,5,10 min.
What is your MA length?
What is your RSI length
MACD length.

Obviously if you use different indicators set ups I would be interested in hearing of these with specifics.

If you can genuinely help, I would really appreciate it. You can contact me direct at [email protected] just in case i dont find my way back to this post



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I don't day trade anymore, and I don't use those indicators anymore, however you need to speed up the MACD, try 8,13,8 and 7,18,9. Look to use two time frames, 3 or 5 min against 13 min, look for convergence of these for entries. Try 10 period RSI. It's a bit suck and see, as you need to find setups that match that market's characteristics. I suggest you also include the day's pivot point, further support and resistance pivots useful, but the price action around the pivot is telling.
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