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Having just joined T2W I think a quick intro is in order:
1. Student (aren't we all!)
2. Day Trader (US Markets)
3. Erm, I don't like marmite on me toast. :)

That's better. Now, onto the 'Foolish' question (deja vu?). I'm currently using's free intraday DJIA charts for afternoon trading but want to start trading the FTSE in the morning. Does anyone know of a website that provides FREE FTSE intraday charts (or one that charges as little as possible!).

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Hi DH,

Good to see another familiar name over here :)

I don't think there are any free FTSE charts left around. used to do one about 18 months ago but I think they have stopped. Live FTSE data is expensive unfortunately. Cheapest way I know of would be via a Mytrack subscription. Which will cost you $50 or so a month. Alternatively if you are spreadbetting then D4Fs new charts are a lot better. You could look at a market other than FTSE say Eurostoxx50 where the feeds are cheaper.

HTH (Probably not :))


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Hi, first post on this site.

If you're into HTML it's easy enough to crib the Yahoo Real time chart within an autorefresh script. It's about 2 or 3 minutes behind though.

Dr Mike

You can still get a live FTSE 100 intraday chart on ADVFN with the free registration.

However if you are spreadbetting I would endorse Helen's suggestion as D4Fs ftse prices are quite different (See JTs thread on spreadbetting bias for a useful comparison)


Dr Mike


Free charts


Dont' know if its any help but I use
for all my charts and info. I find it great as you can choose
the chart style and period. Just click on interactive charting
and plug in the ticker symbol etc.

If its a uk stock or index prefix with UK:

e.g. uk:ftse100 or uk:shel

The data is real time on US stocks and indexes but is
20 mins delayed on UK. This is worth remembering as you
think a stock has just started to turn up when in fact it did this
20 mins ago and is now actually on its way down.

The data and time is displayed in the top right so you can see
where you are.

Hope it helps.



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charts - re realtime FTSE

Not trying to teach you to suck eggs but if you are to trade through spreadbetting you would be well advised to select one that provides there own real time chart rather than work from the exchange price as spreadbetting companies tend to manipulate the spread. If however you operate from there own place you will be responding to a chart signal relating to there own moves and therefore not as likely to get caught from the exchange price. IMHO

Deal4free charts are the best I have found from the spreadbetting companies and they work for me. Good luck

regards Kevin


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Don't actually agree with that sentiment... what they would be charting is their clients trading and therefore your signals are going to get affected by the open positions of other traders.


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spreadbet charts

I am not sure I can follow your line of thought on this one. If the spreadbetting company chart was lead by only there own clients dealing would it not generate sometimes a very different chart pattern to the exchange price chart.

My view was that it is clear that the spreadbetting companies position the spread (manipulate) against the true index moves from the exchange. As such some of the moves are exaggerated on the spreadbet chart and often if you compare individual price bars with the 5 minute charts you find there appears to be more activity on the spreadbet chart than that of the exchange. My view is that this is because they move there own spread either side of the real price as they change there view as to which way the price is about to go.

I have experiecned this particularly when trading the DOW and compared it to the free lycos charts. Sometimes CMC would hold the price back even though the lycos charts were storming ahead. At other times they would leap the price way ahead of the real price and if you were playing from the exchange price you could get caught out. My view was that if you are trading there own data then you are more in tune with there price moves rather than applying the exchange. Maybe I have got this all wrong but I do better from playing there own chart than working from the exchange and then taking a position with them.


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Thanks again for this reference which I have read with interest and accept what you and others identify. I think the important issue here is can your strategy withstand such price manipulation.

I use various filters and work from price sequences both in terms of the price, the bar and line chart, moving averages, Bollinger bands and pivots. I found that when I traded the DOW and used the Lycos charts alongside the CMC charts I sometimes found it misleading and when I moved over to the FTSE I found it easier to trade as I was only working from the CMC chart. I concentrate my dealing entirely on the FTSE as I believe it is best to get to know one instrument well, you develop a feel for the individual price move and ranges which is why I look to take 5,10,15,20 and sometimes 30 points from a deal. While the FTSE mat move up by 70 points I may have placed several deals along the route. Each to there own I suppose but I take on board what you have said.

At the end of the day I take my entry signals from the CMC data with confirmation from different aspects which tend to follow the overall move of the true price anyway. The facts you outline are what lead me to approach my trading from a position that I feel would protect me from such swings which is why my entry points are not based on ranges only when I have an open position do I use price range to take profit and in every deal I always take the first 5 points, once this has been locked in then it becomes very hard for the remainder to return a loss overall.

I do not use moving averages as the normal crossover methods but as confirmation of price sequences very much like a trendline and there own pivots, the same for the line chart and particularly closing position sequences which can react before the line chart provides a signal. This all leads to deals placed on a balanced measure rather than just from a specific price and if in doubt wait for a clearer signal which will not keep you waiting to long.


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Cheers for the replies.

Unfortunately the SB company im with (TradIndex) dont have realtime streaming charts (you have to constantly click 'refresh'!) or allow you to add technical indicators of any sort.
Do CMC/D4F allow either (or both)?

On another note, what's the minimum deposit they require when opening an account with them?




There is another thread talking about the difference between D4F and Tradindex...

D4F do have real-time charts, they have indicators (Bollinger Bands, Stochastics, Moving Averages, Momentum, RSI), and you can add trendlines to the price charts (but not to the indicators).

I think with D4F you need a minimum of about £1000 in your account and the margin requirements are much higher than with Tradindex. For the FTSE Cash D4F margin (they call it NTR) is 125, and for Tradindex it is 40.
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