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I'm currently using the real-time charts via FXCM and Deal4Free. Whilst they are ok, I just don't feel "in control" in the same way that I do using an equity based charting package.

Does anyone presently use any specialised Forex charting packages?

Or, any ideas what my options are for a package that allows analytical charting for Forex together with the same for equities (stock scanning ability for equities would be handy too!). I'm actually not too bothered about it being real-time as most of my analysis would be done "offline". I guess an all-dancing real time package would be nice if it wasn't going to hike costs too much though :)

I'm in a position to take on a new package as I've just dumped Updata *loud cheers*

Thanks in advance.
gft forex and Saxo bank both have decent charting budled with their accounts, presently I am also using forex charts on esignal

I would not use deal4free fro live prices as they base moves on their quotes
I've recently started trading FX & am in the same situation (using free online charts like those at FXCM). Have been using MetaStock for Stock/Index TA for some time & have asked if they can provide FX data as well. They've said they are trying to find a reliable data provider but it will take a few months to sort out!
Other options seem to be eSignal & Tradestation but I need to get more info on them.

Does anyone else have any suggestions?
Mytrack and SC... is a good combo, data is pretty reliable no gaps, back fills and they are just updating their currency servers for improved service.

They provide you with a few markets as a part of the deal, currencies is one which the exchange fees are not applicable. ;)
Thanks NB, they look v. promising. Have been watching your monthly trading thread since signing up yesterday & hope to be able to stick my oar in soon! I'm trading slightly longer time frames than you seem to (trying to get into daily trends, and also looking for triangle/channel BOs on hourly charts) but hope I can contribute anyway :D
No that would be the super moderator AKA FB lol

SC = sierra Charts

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Dont be shy come and join the fun... i trade euro/$ with a really long time frame in mind... actually it is in mind as i dont chart it with the strat am using :)
eSignal On Demand

If you are trying to keep your costs down and don't need real time as you said, look at eSignal On Demand. It comes with the full power of the eSignal Charting engine with hundreds of EFS studies. As low as $24.95 per month and no exchange fees. Covers all the world's major Stock, Futures exchanges and has Forex.

eSignal OnDemand