Comparing real-time charting packages programmable formula languages



I thought I'd start a new thread for these questions.

I am aware of tradestation easy language, esignal formula script (EFS) and Metastock that have their own programming formula languages for their real-time charting packages.

I have been informed that tradestation easy language is easier to use and more versatile than EFS. I do not know much about Metastock .How does Metastocks formula lasnguage compare to easy language and EFS?

Which other real-time charting packages come with a formula language - which enables design and implementation of mechanical studies?

And how do these other formula languages compare to easy language, EFS and Metastocks formula language in terms of ease of use and versatility?

Many thanks

TradingExpert Pro gives you over 200 built-in strategies including:

Over 100 indicator based strategies.
7 chart pattern strategies.
AIQ's AI-based strategies.

AIQ's Expert Design Studio and Portfolio Simulator allow both novice and expert investors to fine-tune their trading strategy real time or end of day.
The real-time version costs from $79 per month.

Does anyone know anything about the AIQ strategy programming language and how it compares to tradestation, esignal and Metastock?

Many thanks

hi j , i've used metastock for 10 years + and love the fml language , just started tradestation aswell and so far find it much much harder , but then they do have "radarscreen" which is the business for intraday trading , like the fx data too)i have actually used aiq aswell a few years back , i think i had some issues with it , ( some problem getting differing time frames i think)i also use sierra and mytrack for fx which is actually the best for intraday ( yep used esignal too) if you don't have radarscreen ( fx), good luck ( i don't test , just scan , which is weakness metastock apparantly they say)
looks ok gamma , but the key for me is the radarscreen on tradestation , i don't think there is a comparable service offreed by anyone else!!