Announcing eSignal 7.9 & EFS2


I'm pleased to announce the release of eSignal 7.9. This completes our 7 Series releases and has some great features, which take us to the next level of trading software. We started our 7 Series with the introduction of Advanced Charting and EFS. It seems very appropriate that we complete this series with the introduction of EFS2, which is a major enhancement to our formula scripting engine. Please see below for descriptions of the major features.

Futures Enhancements:
  • Continuous Contracts - Available for U.S. and international contracts using an intuitive symbol format that makes it easy to follow the front and forward months without changing symbols with each contract expiration. Plus, users can define the contract roll time.
  • Spreads - Create your own symbol that combines multiple symbols using the plus, minus, multiply or divide operators in complex forms, such as (A + B) / (C - D). Spread symbols can be entered into the quote and chart window for analysis.
  • Market Profile enhancements - Now includes TPO summary. Also, the ability to merge distributions and separate individual merges
  • Point and Figure enhancements - Can be based on a High/Low combination or 1 field
  • Fully customizable Quoteboard - Customize the fields and the field placement
EFS Enhancements (EFS2):
  • Greater ease of development
  • Less coding (amount of coding is reduced by as much as 80%)
  • Multiple Time Frame support: Built-in and custom studies may now be based on external intervals to easily create multiple-time frame studies. Prior to 7.9, this type of study required some complex coding on the users' end because there were no automated facilities to synchronize the data between intervals. This synchronization routine is now handled by the new EFS2 engine.
  • External Symbol support: In addition to external intervals, Built-in and custom studies can now be based on external symbols. The time stamp synchronization routine between the two symbols is also handled by the new EFS2 engine.
  • Built-in Studies enhanced: The EFS2 Built-in Study functions have been simplified to require fewer parameters and quicker access to each of their return values.
  • Study-on-Study formulas simplified: The process for creating study-on-study formulas using the Built-in Studies has also been simplified to require less code. The Built-in Study functions now accept custom studies as the price source as well. The custom studies may be coded internally to the formula or they can be separate complete formulas.
  • Drawing Functions enhanced: New simplified drawing functions have been added, which have a new Location parameter that allows the EFS2 engine to automatically position the graphics in the user selected location.
  • Function Libraries: This is a new feature introduced with EFS2 that allows developers and users to create libraries of custom functions. These functions can be accessed by any formula with a single line of code similar to how any of the current EFS functions can be used.
  • EFS2 ToolBox: This is a new tool in 7.9, accessible from the tool bar in the EFS Editor. The ToolBox lists all available EFS functions with descriptions for each parameter. This tool assists the user with the proper setup and selections for each of the functions' parameters, which can then be inserted directly into your formula code. Function Libraries may also be setup to appear in the ToolBox as well.
Add-on Studies:
  • Floor Traders Tools™, developed by Roy Kelly are dynamic and powerful tools that can be used with any price chart, whether daily or intra-day, working with any market and any time frame. This package shows the timing methodology of the market for entering the trade at the best possible price and identify cycle tops and bottoms.
  • The eMini-Master™ POLR© Series developed by Jim Harrison is a unique and powerful set of tools with a visual approach to finding the “POLR©”, or “Path of Least Resistance©.” Most of these tools are universal in their application and traders can use them on their favorite symbols including the eMini Futures contracts, Forex Currency Pairs, Bonds, Commodities and individual equities.
  • Plus, new studies have been added to the Hamzei Analytics (CI Diff and DV Indicator) and EZ2Trade (EZ2 Pivots and EZ2 Trailing Stops)
Other Enhancements:
  • News Manager enhancements - Multiple keyword and symbol searches
  • Time & Sales sorting
  • 52 week High/Low on U.S. Indices
  • Enhanced Symbol Lookup - Pink Sheet names / CUSIP, Index description expansion, Canadian symbology, increased automation
Please download and install this latest version to take advantage of these new and exciting enhancements.
tsuntzu said:
I upgraded to 7.9 but am going to have to roll back to 7.8 The scale function on the treasury notes does not work properly on market profile. You can only put in a scale tick value to 2 decimal places when the notes need a tick value of 0.15625.
I cant believe that this was not picked up before the release was made.

There does seem to be an issue when using Tick Value, and this will be tracked down. I do see that if a Tick Factor of 1 is used, then it will create the distributions as expected.

We have identified the cause of this problem and have completed coding the fixes. We will have a second release of 7.9 coming soon to address this and a few other remaining issues. No official ETA for that just yet, but just wanted to let you know that it will be forthcoming.