Real problems with please


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I am haviung immense problems imnporting my Metastock data into Tradestation.

Have attempted to import the metastock data into Global server all morning.

To anyone that has achieved this feat, i would be grateful for advice.
Have you, or do you, run the nightly maintenance function daily on Global server ? If not then do so as it is important. Have you been able to import data before ?

Hello Trader333

I have just set up Tradestation.

I have tried to import my Metastock EOD data, but to no avail.

I use Metaload to update my EOD files and merely want to point Tradestation at the EOD data.

Sadly, i do not think it is this easy.

By the way, many thanks for your prompt offer of help.
Metastock has it's own file format.

But the extension is a .DAT.

I have bveen told to convert the files to ascii then convert them ONE by ONE into .XPO format to enable me to then import into the Global server.

For such an expensive and well used product this does seem an extraordinary tedious and complex method.
speculator, I have used Ts2K with GlobalServer albeit a long time ago. Are you sure GS will directly read Metastock data? I have used ASCII data and I know that works.

Global Server does read metastock it is under the File/Import data/Metastock format

Thanks Imran and Paul

It is good to know that at least one 'community' is willing to help.

I have asked this question on various other forums, with not even a reply.

I am aware that TS2000 does read Metastock, but only when one has imported all of the UK symbols.

Ans you make a valid point Imran,in that TS does read ASCII files but with the same proviso as above.

Basically i do not want to have to convert my Metastock files to ascii each night before i run the Scans, nor do i want to convert single metastock files to asci format to convert to XPO format to import into Global Server.

i just can't help but think i'm missing something.

Would be grateful if you both would persevere and help me find a solution.

I am not sure there is much else that I can suggest as I dont use Metastock. It may be worth visiting TradestationWorld and asking the question on one of their forums. I have found they are quite good at answering.

Speculator, I use Tradestation 7 now which is completely different in how data is handled...

On a roll here .. I believe there is a LOG function in Global server. Have you checked if there are any errors? That might indicate the problem.
Thanks for all the help Imran.

Maybe i'll stump up the cash for version 7... really can not believe that the 2000i version is so inflexible when it comes to the most important part of any system, after all most products will allow interoperability as part of the product.

Oh well, rant over.

Cheers guys.
speculator - It's easy! You can open MetaSock format EOD dat files directly from TS 2000i. You do NOT go through the Global Server to do this.

In TS 2000i simply Create a new Chart Window, then to load a file specify "3rd party Directory", then "New Directory" and then "MetaStock" format. You only need to do this once per directory. Navigate to your directory and you should then be able to open any of the MetaStock EOD files easily in TS without any conversion. All the files in your MetaStock directory should be listed in the "Open" window ready for you.



Is there any way i can, from the information you have provided, perform the daily scans for chart breakouts, patterns etc?

This is why i though i needed everything in global server.

Would be most grateful for further help.

We can talk on MSN Messenger if that is agreeable.
speculator - have not used the TS scans so cannot help in that regard. But once TS knows the files are in a particular format, and MetaStock is a format it can read directly, you should be able to do anything with them that TS normally does so far as I am aware - unless TS requires some info in the format that is not present in MetaStock. Thus you should be able to scan them. Best to try it out for yourself. Sorry, am not on Messenger.

I don't scan :D ! Only trade about a half dozen US stocks that I know and for UK, I again trade a small group of stocks I know reasonably well plus use a semi-mechanical system.