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Today I will briefly describe strategy which is connected to myfxbook.
As I said before this strategy is in phase of incubation.

It is trend following strategy which is based on failures of last tops/bottoms.

Other rules:

  1. All positions must be closed at the end of the session.
  2. Use Breakeven.
  3. No Take Profits.

Why such rules?
Let’s start one by one.

1. Why I close all positions at the end of the session?

  • Swap is additional cost.
  • Lower liquidity during night (higher probability for flash crash)
  • New day – new opportunities.

2. Why I use a Breakeven?
  • No sense in staying in the undecided market.
  • Low profit is better than low loss.

3. Why I don’t use Take Profits?
  • No one can predict if directional move takes 20 or 200 pips.
  • Black swans really exist.;)
  • “Cut losses and let profits run”.

Money management in this strategy for now is set as below:
  1. Max DD: 50%
  2. Max risk per trade: 3%

After I accept strategy, I change MM to lower values.

interesting - so its a continuation strategy - like i trade most of the time on forex - at what point do you define "Failure" ?


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I wish to share one of my trades from yesterday.

On EURJPY EA is currently looking for shorts and a failure of local bottoms.
In the picture below you can see that yesterday such a failure had place which gave opportunity to short sell and to flow with the momentum.
This trade was closed with 34 pips profit.

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can you show exactly where you took the trade (s) ?

i know where i would have entered (subject to other rules i have being compliant) ...

will be interesting to compare notes