reading volume


Hi everyone,

Can anyone recommend useful books on how to read volume?

I have been spreadbetting for about 6 months and when I placed 7 small trades based on price-volume-RSI signal all were winners but all of them had a clear reading on volume.

Also tried different TA systems but after learning a lot about Stochastic, RSI, Williams, ADX, MACD, Mass index, Momentum, Money flow index, neg/pos volume index, standard deviation, Oscillator, Advance-Decline line/ratio, Breadth Thrust, Cumulative Volume index, McClellan, Swing index, Aroon, Kagi, Pivot points, Parabolic SAR, Zigzag chart, trendlines, point & figure, Fibonacci, Candlestick patterns, different chart patterns, different time frames, Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands, support-resistance lines, VWAP, gaps, volatility, Beta, Level 2 data, etc... I am just very confused so would like to learn more on volume in correlation with price movement as I have read and can see that these are very important factors for being more successful.

Thank you for your recommendation in advance.