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Can anyone assist with this question please? If I am following the progress of a Nasdaq stock and want to monitor its progress against the nearest equivalent futures, is there a futures price for each indidual Nasdaq stock or would I examine the Nasdaq stock under examination against the main Nasdaq Index futures?

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Johnny T

Hi there, I've edited my post to make it a little more specific in what it is I am trying to achieve. I tried to type in NQ but nothing happened.

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Try NQ03U for Nasdaq 100 futures (for use with q charts of quote.com).

Not sure you can get futures prices using Livecharts (free version).


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Thank you Spoon 102. I will give it a try.


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Hi Sean,
ES03U for S&P stocks for S&P 500 stocks
NQ03U for Nasdaq stocks for Nasdaq 100 stocks
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Quote.com (Lycos)

Are any other members experiencing difficulties with this Quote.com? I find it very temperamental. Sometimes it works and sometimes it just freezes for ages. Sometimes charts just do not appear. Try and get hold of them? It's a joke really.


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Yes I had this yesterday the charts did not appear. There live help that was offered was to "insert a ticker" for the charts to display!!! i kid yeh not

I basically just left the screen open and eventually they came on and no problems since, only looked at them for this past week so no other problems to report


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Q Charts 'Freezing'

Ctrl Alt N should give you a drop down to change server.
Select any new server, double click and give it about 10 - 20 seconds to refresh.
Usually does the trick.


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Hi Busyboy,

I have problems with Quote.com too. It does get kinda boring.

You say Ctrl Alt N should give you a drop down to change server. How exactly do I do this? I've pressed Ctrl Alt N on the LiveCharts page but it doesn't appear to do anything. Could you elaborate? Thanks in advance.
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