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Can somone tell me what the average prices are for live feeds in the home, and the best ones, and does everyone use broadband with it ??


I recommend esignal as I stated earlier and I use Telewest broadband which have delivered a good service for about 8 months(I did experience problems for about 3 weeks but has worked fine since)
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Prices from zero to about $260 per month.

Have a look at: (options)

There is a low cost US feed, called Iquote IIRC, but I don't have the correct URL.

Note that some direct access trading brokers provide the feeds along with trading software free of charge if you exceed a number of trades each month, e.g.:

You could check with the feed provider on bandwith recommendations.

No, I don't work for ... ;-)

Barry,I dont think its a good idea just to subscribe to a data provider just because it is the cheapest,you have to look at quality of service.When I was using esignal they had a few servers as back up,I've watched the prices stop for a few seconds and then the back up systems kick in.
They provide an excellant service.
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Yes, having back-up servers helps.

Also important is the quality of the data itself. I understand some of the feed providers filter-out spurious data.

I should have stated that free trials are available on some of the feeds.

If you liked e-signal you should have a look at infoscreen based on Realtick from . It has much superior charting and costs less than esignal as they don't have limits or restriction to stocks Only. You can mix unlimited futures and stocks and they have Level 2 + all the markets in the world.

I used to use e-signal but switched to this as it is simply a much in-depth + more professional service.

Hope this helps.
I’ve used eSignal ($79/month) for a year via the modem (56k is just manageable) and broadband.

Data feed was good but the charts were terrible.

Recently I changed my daytrading style from scalping (LII & TA) to longer time frame (T&S and TA).

I have chosen Quicken Quotes Live data feed and charting package (without LII) at $34.99/month.

So far so good – good charts (but no Fibs) – good interface.
In very ‘not-user-friendly’ way.

The charts were drawn on the screen in a way that the bars and indicators were far too small to see them well.

In order to see them better you had to select a time segment (say last few hours) by drawing a rectangle on the chart.

But then you were unable to select a time segment and flip from 15 minutes chart to 5 or 1 minute chart.

You had to go through the same process for every time interval – terrible.

The new version of eSignal has got some additional advanced charting with much improved graphical interface. Still a lot of work to be done – but there are getting there (just like british rail ;) ).
Thanks for the info.

I guess most people use the eSignal data feed with 3rd party charting and TA packages.