Question about orders

Just processed 2 cover orders 15mins ago....says in my pending orders ' 9:00am, Next Market Day ' ?????

I requested to cover at market....?
The cover orders dont appear to be working, should I enter a long ticket to offset my short instead of using the cover functionality?
My last 2 orders also went through as 'next day' :-(

I thought I'd DONE something.....
Sorry folks, about 6 orders (the last ones didn't go through correctly). I would ask you to re-enter these orders. The reason for this is I'm making some changes to the database to accomodate the new limits/stops but inadvertantly stomped on the exisiting order. :(

Should be working fine again now though.

Eeek - 2 orders not quite right again:-(

What I'm trying to do is sell 2000 ALLD I hold and buy 2000 INCH, if that makes sense?

Hi Weezy,

Sorry about this. The ALLD has now gone through OK, and due to be processed soon, but the INCH order, can you re-enter please.
Sorry to add to your woes Sharky, but these 3 orders haven't gone through either:

Epic Stock Name Position Quantity Due to be Processed
pru PRUDENTIAL All available funds 4:06pm, April 19
fib FIBERNET GROUP £10,000.00 worth 4:00pm, April 19
gal GALEN HOLDINGS £10,000.00 worth 3:56pm, April 19

(I've kept a copy of all relevant data in case lost)(Alternatively, if too late to fix today, and you're underneath the machine with a spanner, abandon these 3 trades - no problem).
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Yes another oversight, it wasn't recording the action correctly, so those orders I have no idea whether they were buys or shorts. OK the best I can do is execute the trades at the closing price of the day, but you'll need to tell me whether you were buying or shorting. If you're happy with that let me know on this thread, otherwise any orders I don't hear back from will get deleted on sunday night.

But on the bright side... Stops and Limits are now in place! So feel free to update all your holdings, if you wish to use them.


Delete/ignore those 3 missed trades of mine.
After crashing briefly to the bottom of the rankings during Friday I'm happy enough just to be back up among the medals for now. :cool:

Looking forward to racing ahead of the field next week. :D
(I wish!)

Many thanks.
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OK PP, will do. Also updated your previous order which was delayed, and that puts you on top! In future I'll try to be more careful, so we don't have a repeat of today.


At £78k I'm £20k richer than I should be. I covered my short LOG in two tranches this morning, and both orders are shown in the processed listings, and the cash proceeds appeared in my portfolio, but £20k-worth of the shares also still appear in my portfolio.

Edit: Seems to be happening with other people too.

Edit 2: Now seems to be right thanks.
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Yeah just spotted that too, when you close a position it's not removing the stock from your portoflio . I've fixed all those affected this morning, and Im delving into what caused it now. Thanks PP.
Fixed it! A consequence of updating the stops/limits. I'll keep an eye on the comp, but it should be ok now. I've said that before... lol
Just thought of a couple of things Sharky.
How about the chance to cancel an order before it goes 'live'?
And when you use max funds and are in a trade, how about being able to flip it. instead of having to wait 20 mins for the first order to clear before placing the second one?

Hi John,

The problem with having the chance to cancel an order before it goes live is that it could be open to abuse (even if the game is just a bit of fun). For instance say you short marconi at 9:00, due to be processed at 9:20 to compensate for the 20 min dealyed feed. But 5 mins later you see the realtime price rocket. You could then cancel your order knowing the position was about to move against you.

The second suggestion already actually works. If say you sell a position, a minute later theres nothing to stop you opening a new buy/short position using "max quantity available" as this is calculated at the time the order gets processed. So your cash would then be available - one minute before. I hope that's clear!

Keep those suggestions coming in please!
John - combining both paragraphs of Sharky's reply, it's possible to lodge an opposite order moments after your first order, so you almost immediately sell something you just bought if you change your mind. You still get to lose the spread of course, plus whatever negative movement in price.
Been trying that today, but when I have tried to change, I get the insufficent funds message. Have had to leave it until order clears.