Competition Update


Have just updated the rules, please re-read as the old ones were erroneous. SHORTING is now working, along with COVERING. And more testing today has ironed out most bugs. If in the unlikely event you do have a problem with a trade, email me at [email protected] and I'll look into it straight away.

Out of hours trading is allowed and working! Any such orders are processed at 9:00am the following day (this avoids the larger spreads at the market open at 8:00am).

Fixed the ranking, and adding yesterday's rank and weekly profit/ranking shortly.

The new layout is great - thanks :)

I've just done a very silly thing though. I meant to sell one of my holdings and accidentally doubled my holding at a stroke!

Is there any way of editing, please?


......repeating 100 times 'Do not do this again, do not do this again....'
Hi Weezy,

Glad you like it! I've just checked your orders and I can't seem to find which order you're referring to, as all the orders that went through this morning (noticed although the orders were logged, it hadnt updated your portofolio - fixed now) were new ones and not accumulation.. Perhaps Im missing something?

Sharky. Is there any way to include a cancel order before trade is excuted?
Wanted to amend an order, but I don't think I can do to much to it until it goes 'live'
Hi Options, I thought about doing that. But because of the whole 20 min delayed prob that weve compensated by using a delayed execution, if you were able to cancel an active trade before it gets executed then that would leave it open to abuse in that someone could see the price going against them and cancel the order. Of course not that I'm suggested any of you pillars of the community would!.. :)

The only problem ChartMan suggested this morning was that he had to wait 20 mins to sell a share before he could afford to buy aother - insufficient funds otherwise. However, if you choose "Buy/Short all you can afford" then you can make the trade, and it will calculate the amount by your current funds at the time of execution eg 20 mins, after you've got the proceeds from the previous sale.. if you follow my drift! I might chnage it so you can choose the other two methods - cash and share amounts, since if you have got insufficient funds at execution it regects the trade anyway.
Thought I'd found another flaw in the system with all those duff trades I put through Sharky. But the system sorted it out eventually.
After talking to one of the contestants a small problem was highlighted with the way active orders work in that if you bought 1000 shares in Marconi and then wanted to sell them after 5 mins, you couldn't since you would have to wait 20 mins for the order to be executed.

Well now you can! You can now sell/cover/add to any active order (one that hasnt been executed yet). Its not the same thing as cancelling the order of course, it will just generate an extra order to be executed in 20 mins time.

Please keep those suggestions coming in!