qqq Nasdaq 100 Trust

Technically this looks like a sell as long as the market remains below the major Gann level of 1048.43. If the market continues down the major Gann support of 994.80 (25.00%) or the minor Fibonacci level of 991.79 (23.60%) could well be tested soon.The correspodance of the Gann and Fibonacci support levels makes it even more technically signficant. Below these levels there is a major (0.00%) Fibonacci support at 941.17.
Nasdaq comp

Here's where the german traders think the Compx will close Friday

Mit dem DownGap ist im Tageschart mit dem Freitag ein bearisches Inselgap im kurzfristigen Zeitfenster entstanden, dieses dürfte kurzfristig für deutliche Abtrieb sorgen daher tippe ich dieses mal sehr sehr bearisch.


1299 Tina
1322 Dimitri
1331 the worm
1342 David
1350 Mr.T
1355 tomilla
1360 Börsenbulli
1364 TomSawyer
1368 Manko
1388 Blues
1400 TraderA
1410 Flashstyler
1417 Grinwulf
1423 Topbroker
1430,50 Wishmaster
1438 Hajduk
1444 Susi

I threw in my WAG at 1294
For those of you liguistically challenged:

With the DownGap in the Tageschart with Friday a bearisches Inselgap in the short term time window developed, this might for clear drift provide at short notice therefore types I this times very very bearisch

So there.
The prize for spotting the deliberate mischtaken is a night mit Herr Schroedr]...........
Anyone care to summarise the advantages of trading the qqq ETF verses nasdaq 100 futures, which brokers they use and what sort of net expenses they incurr (bid/ask and commission) in either case?
Since an ETF is technically a share I presume the qqq and spdr etc could be traded long in an ISA and potential profits free of CGT? Even if this is so without knowledge of the bid offer or other charges it is difficult to judge if it is worth it.
Yes, cassiopeia, that is about the only advantage I know of for trading QQQ and DIA - as long as the trend is up, of course!