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W D Gann had a number of approaches to predict market action.  His techniques have been regarded as complex and difficult to implement & understand due to the lack of clean information he left.  His ‘Harmonic Rule of 1/8’s is not to be confused with his more widely recognized ‘Square of 9s’ method. 

Gann’s Rule of 1/8’s is based on specific arithmetic geometry, more specifically ‘fractal arithmetic geometry’.  When that ‘geometry’ is constructed properly, (Gann referred to them as ‘Octaves, Squares or Boxes), we can apply a set of rules that has predictive capabilities in any market that can be plotted.  Does the predictive outcome, using the rules, work all the time?  NO.  Losing is part of trading.  As traders, we attempt to eliminate the losing trades and find the methods that leave us with the consistently highest probability setups.  I have found Gann’s Harmonic Rule of 1/8’s to be very productive when certain rules are applied properly and when combined with...
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