ProFxOptions - info needed


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Hello there,
I have discovered this company,, and have been researching them in a bid to get more information before I get involved with them. However, information about them online is very sparse.
I did not find anything at all on the main director. Nothing meaning: nada, absolutely nothing, which I find very odd.
Another director seems to have become director at just 22, so I wonder what sort of work experience he could possibly have at that age?
And the third does have her name on a few things, but they are very generic, nothing about her history, just her current appointment confirmed.
I can't find them on linkedin, which I find highly suspicious for a company.
Has anyone had any dealings with them? If so what were they? Are they for real? Failing this, does anyone know of a website I can use to research companies and traders' backgrounds?
Any comments/advice/thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you kindly.
Best regards,


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Studied different and I see the first time. Maybe she's just new ? or scammers I do not need to contact them