Professional Trading Strategy - student selection

This thread has been started after certain recent events took place in my personal life and I want to give back to the community while I still can.
I have never mentored / coached anyone, but at this moment I feel this is the right thing to do.

I am NOT affiliated in any way to a broker or company! What I will share with you is the result of my hard work.

I want to make myself clear from he beginning, as I don't like 'blurry' things in any aspect of my life, thus here:
I will share the strategy I have been trading for a long time with ONLY a few people that I will choose. Quality people. All details will be given to everyone, so please have patience with me posting.
English is not my mother language so please forgive me if I will be making a few spelling mistakes along the way.
This thread is not my primary concern at this time and I will try to be as short and concise as I can and making this process of, let's say selection of students, as fast as possible.

I would like the subscribers of this thread to follow a few simple rules:
1. Do not slender the thread (this includes: no discussions of 'systems', of indicators you might think work, no name calling, etc) - if you want to share something with the community please start your own thread.
2. You are welcomed here and will have equal chance to be my student as anyone else (no matter if you are new to trading, experienced) if you want to learn how professionals do it.
3. Show me the way you think, the principles you have in life and don't take wild guesses as to whom I will pick.
4. At the beginning of the thread, please keep your posts as brief as "I want to be your student" or "I subscribe", etc. EDIT:For those of you who want to remain silent / in the dark and don't want to post in the thread, you are free to send me a brief email but I would rather you participate.
5. This selection process doesn't have a precise end date, I will end this thread immediately after I believe that I have a few people to work with and I will take this discussion to a private group.

Please remember that I am here on my own will and I will not encourage any bickering.

P.S. I will reveal my identity only to chosen students. All scammers, identity thieves and alike people please take your business elsewhere. I have not been fooled in all my years on the Internet and I don't plan on starting now.

Let's begin. Have a good one!
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