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Wise trade selection can be a key good trading. So how do you start to select those all important trades?
Your trading week can bear witness to the fulfillment of a lot of long range planning, and the big payoffs that such planning brings to those who are wise and patient-those who want the best of the best. Many times it really pays to be patiently waiting for a trade to burst forth and make some nice gains.
A number of the spreads we do are the result of patient waiting for the two sides to come into proper alignment. We plan these trades days or even weeks in advance.When a major entry signal such as the breakout of a Ross hook are being made, every effort within reason should be made to be aboard, even if only for a couple of days.
Regardless of what may be happening on the intraday charts, the order to buy or sell based on a Traders Trick Entry must be in place and waiting as resting orders. Therefore, even if the intraday charts do not yield an adequate entry signal, the...
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Article makes no noteworthy points -- it's all soft-soap. Let me be
firm, but intimidating in my critique, Joe, because I demand more from
what you write for us traders. You need to plan and practice your
writing more. I don't care if you were taught things -- we want the
lesson, not to hear you went to school.


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I do not see that this really dealt with trade selection. Agree with Catmandoo


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Yes , Catmandoo wrote better in five lines in his note than the whole article which was missing the essence of its message. Shiree
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