problems with cmc

are there any particular things about them i need to look out for as ive heard they`re sly fcuk ers
look money123, I can't talk for others....

so here is the deal: it attracted me that they had the lowest spreads....hands down lowest spreads amongst all SB companies...and in the beginning all was rosy. something changed along the way, and when I tried to deal with them I never got the price I really wanted to, or saw on the screen. So I stopped trading with them....I am sure there are some who got good experiences with them, I am just not one of them.....
Well I like them, been using them for two years now. No problems at all, other than those self inflicted ones caused by trying to scalp with an inappropriate instrument :)
Generally happy. Have used them for about 6 months now. Have had one or two problems with incorrect trades showing on statements but these have been sorted once queeried.

My trades tend to be longer term- days/weeks.

Otherwise, I would echo Helenqu's comments. I would not try to trade with any SB company intraday as this is where the problems seem to start with fills/ bias etc
Hi money 123

I use CMC quite happily, but i would advise the following.

Always have your blotter open.
If you think you have carried out a trade but it does not appear in the blotter log out and log in again.
Always have an "emergency" stop loss in place for when the system goes down (not very often but I hate being in a position and not being able to control it.)

Always check your statement.

I've been using CMC for a couple of years and the only actual problems I've had are 2 trades wrongly charged to my account, both corrected to my satisfaction and none in the last 12 months.