Problem in Account Details after element selection(s)


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As soon as I chose these two selections under my Account Details, I then cannot save the data as an Error pops up.
I mean afterwards I cannot make any changes in my text as then the popup error comes.
For example I have a typo in my About-text saying "volatilty". Fixing the typo and saving is not possible!


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It again happens :mad:
I begin to understand: it prevents changing a posting or the acct settings too often and too quickly.
But this can be counterproductive and misleading for a new user, since he/she usually changes much in the Acct Details...

But it's unclear when again the saving of the data will work, as there is no info on this.
Is it a certain numbers of seconds to wait? Seems not to be the case, IMO.
Or deleting the cookies?
Or logout, wait some/many hours, and then login and try again, as lately done and it finally worked.
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