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Hi for those of you that can remember I run a Topic:

How I turned £3000 into £20,000 in 6 Weeks!

I decided to post some of the videos that I make for my YouTube channel to add to the colour on the forums.

I start with a losing day:

Losing Trading DAY on the DAX

How I manage a Bad Trade

Full Recovery + Profit

From time to time if anything happens that I think may be of interest to the Community I shall post it here.

NB: I make loads of mistakes and am always l learning ( and earning) my strategy is to gamble and take a punt. I have no understanding of risk management. Always looking for backers. although they must be strictly fully qualified investors.

I trade for the following reason only:

"My satisfaction always came from beating the market, solving the puzzle. The money was the reward, but it was not the main reason I loved the market. The stock market is the greatest, most complex puzzle ever invented – and it pays the biggest jackpot….it was never the money that drove me. It was the game, solving the puzzle, beating the market that had confused and confounded the greatest minds in history. For me, that passion, the juice, the exhilaration was in beating the game, a game that was a living dynamic riddle, a conundrum to everyone who speculated on Wall Street."

Jesse Livermore, from reminiscences of a Stock Operator
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I like your youtube blog.
Is trading a side gig or your primary source of imcome?
Hi Imran,

At the moment it's my main activity. For now I have a very small account and am looking to build it up.

Next year I shall be doing some other projects.

Glad you like channel. I try to keep it real with the Good, Bad and Ugly.

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