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Does anyone use predictive software to trade?
If so, what do you use?
What markets do you trade?
And more importantly how do you rate it?
Lets have a warts an all view please. With due regard to libel laws though. Wouldn't want anyone to get into trouble. But say it how you see it.
My own experiance is from trialing predictive software from f.i.r.s.t. for the futures and indices markets, and while it may suit some I found that it wasn't suited to my own particular trading style in that I was in and out with profits before the system would call a change. So it can be argued that you need a healthy 'bank' behind you to suffer any drawdowns. In other words I prefer a tighter control on the reins. Too many times has the market moved away from the price and not bothered coming back.

I don't believe there can be such a thing as intelligent software, though it is something we all seek simply because it takes the pain and the strain away from our own decisions.

How wonderful to have a programme running that takes the decisions for you and is never wrong. There are some gold plated claims out there. Yet with all the brilliant software, there is not one company that will offer you a cast iron pledge that if the software doesn't work they will give you your money back along with your losses that the software made for you.

If there was software that worked. Wouldn't the banks etc, be using it to make even more money?

worst predictive Software = Untrained Human Psyche.... (aka brain)...

Holy Grails

If there was software that worked. Wouldn't the banks etc, be using it to make even more money?

Yes, you've hit the nail on the head. There are very intelligent and quick witted people out there. Therefore, if such a system was possible and you were its' creator, would you sell it ?
The Holy Grail is any trading method that allows you to come out at the end of the month with enough profit to have a decent living.
Predictive software?

well I have some simple scans which suggets a turn up is about to happen..

1. CCI<-120 and FASTD<20 very oversold (green smileys under lows)
2. CCI>170 or FASTD>85 very overbought. Red sad faces or big Yellow C on highs

and a few buy/sell sacans .. the blue arrows on the chart

Funnily enough these - taken from real time S&P futures chart -appear to predict future moves - in any time frame rather well.

So a green smiley and a blue up arrow says buy like crazy.. amd a red sad smiley and a blue down arrow says short like crazy..

and yes it works in any time frame...


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hi madafish,

this is a neat piece of software. is there a link to it's website?

is fastd =fast stochastic?

Free downloads..but of course to use it you have to pay and get a data provider (I use Mytrack)

Fastd IS Fast Stochastic.

I use Linnsoft because it's easily programmable and has nice charting capability...and have no connection with them in any way...
Hi Mada.
Glad to see you are still around. Thanks for the post. Found it interesting as I am just about to start trading the e mini s&p

Your piece on the infallible indicator was along the same lines and for the newer people who have not seen it, the post is still there under the tools banner (top of screen) then software board.

Keep swimming, and watch those nets.

All the best.

How about volume?

Look at the volume spike in the FTSE futures (the pruplre vertical line on the chart represents a maximum volume for 2 minutes over 60 bars.. ) and see what happened after wards..


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and the same on the S&P futures..

amazingly predictive!


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and the scan is

(VO = MAX(VO,60)) or (VO+VO.1)>2*MAX(VO,60)

where VO = volume
and 60= no of bars..

Either the volume on this bar = max of last 60 bars
the combined volume on this bar and the previous one is greater than 2x the max volume of the last 60 bars..

seems to work,..:)
Hi Mad
As a matter of interest,
What's the period you use for the CCI indicator?

I tried Omnitrader.. does not work well in UK. From what I hear, many others think the same.
Yes, Omnitrader is ed downs'..I used it for a while then stopped seeing it cant cope with this sort of markets, it maybe helpful in more stabilized markets...

What is the price you actually pay for the Linnsoft + data feed? If you get the realtime silver is it a total of $45 per month for the feed + software? All thes pricing structures make my brain ache!