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Hi all,

Into the first week of trading and it's interesting to see that we've all lost money. :(
Things can only get better :)

My thanks again to Sharky for clearing out those bugs so quickly:cool:
thanx to sharky

many thanx to sharky for creating a splendid site ---it`s the work of a genius. I am going to have fun with my £50000 fantasy money , if i lose, its only pride that gets dented. before i use real money i would like to wait until this bear market bottoms. is there a TA expert member [ i`m too old to learn] with any clues?---- are we getting close to the bottom?

regards to all fredroff
I have to say I would not normally buy with such a large spread, I would usually wait for a much smaller spread before I would enter a trade, especially the small cap sector, mind you saying that I think if you can make money in the competition, all going well you should be in a better position to trade for real.

I believe you can learn a great deal from this, and its great fun!