Pop ups driving me crazy!


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Can anyone suggest how to stop pop-ups appearing. Everytime I open a web page a get a new browser with a related site. This seems ten times worse than usual. Have I inadvertently downloaded something on my PC?

I have checked my Anti-Virus software and cannot see any options to block pop-ups. Just downloaded google's free tool bar with blocker and that doesnt seem to work either.




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There are a number of free ones that you can get from download.com. But be careful because I installed a popup preventer - CleanMyPC - which had a great write-up, but it was so effective that it made most IE windows close spontaneously, and it took me some time to spot the problem. Once I uninstalled it the problem vanished.


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Run Spybot and ad-aware every few days. (do search on google or download.com).

Both free and non intrusive. HTH


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To keep the system clean use Lavasoft


This hunts down and allows you to delete any any known rogue cookies, programs etc.

The basic (free) version is more than adequate.

I also use the Agnitum firewall which has a superb pop-up blocker included. There is a free version (I use the Pro version of this). The blocker allows you to switch pop-ups on for selected sites and you can quickly disable blocking if you need to.



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For specific sites, I use Tools - Internet Options - Security - Restricted Sites

and then specify particular sites I regularly visit and are bad offenders


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Disabling 'messenger' worked for me - aparrenty it leaves a port open for ads unless disabled. This isn't the same messenger that is used as some sort of chat facility (so I'm told).

I have Windows XP and you go into 'Start - Control Panel - Admin Tools - Services - Messenger'. Set the startup type to 'Disabled' and hey presto, no more bother.


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Mozilla Firefox

I've used IE for years and was reluctant to switch to the bulky Mozilla suite. Firefox (formerly known as Firebird) is a standalone browser based on Mozilla that is better in every way than IE.


It blocks annoying popups by default.


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Suggest you run an online scan or 2 in case you've picked something up on your travels
There are a number of links under Further Resources at the beginning of Techies Corner.
Additionally download Spywareblaster under Javacool. It'll stop a lot of crap getting on. Adaware and Spybot deal with what slips through :cheesy:

ps. if you want to view your Cookies go to http://www.karenware.com/powertools/powertools.asp
and sdcroll down for Cookie Viewer ;)
Lots of other stuff there as well
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Another thought. Only remove what is already checked in Spybot, unless you know what you're doing. Adaware is safe.
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