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Hi all. I'm sure you all recognise my username of martymcc and have probably noticed my lack of posts and participation in discussions. Indeed those of you who use the chat room will have seen me there but taking no part. This is because I am a relative novice to share dealing and an even bigger novice to TA. I am a final year Information Management student at Queen's University in Belfast and had planned to teach myself TA in my spare time. But I hadn't reckoned on the amount of work I would have and so my spare time has been very limited. I am therefore trying to keep myself in regular touch with what is happening in the markets so that when the time comes I will have a feel for the markets and hopefully this will make my learning of TA a little bit easier. I felt I had to make this clear as everyone else is doing a lot of hard work in making such excellent posts and I didn't want to be seen as not pulling my weight and contributing. Everyone here works together and I look forward to being able to make contributions of my own whenever that may be! Thanks to everyone for their time and excellent analysis. I hope this makes it clear why I have not been participating. Keep up the good work!
Marty you concentrate on your studies at Uni for the time being. You have witnessed the market for what it is during these past few has been a real "Bear Pit". Whenever you can, keep paper trading, try out the simple TA indicators such Moving Averages Stochastics and Relative Strength Indicators with different parameters, this will give you a feel for a time scale when you put you money in there, be it long or short term. Remember anything over three to four months, compare the weekly charts for you may find these will stop you entering too quickly if you are looking to a longer term. Remember the trend is your friend, and NEVER lose sight of that most important STOP LOSS.

Dont worry about making posts, the more you observe the more you will learn.

Good luck to you

Hi Marty,

Thanks for putting your position so openly..never mind about not being able to contribute right'll do it when you feel like doing it..we're a sharing community..nothing to add to what John said at this stage..only I'd suggest you take his advices seriously..we all benefit from his wisdom..good luck and just feel like home here..


Hi Marty

You are very welcome, don't be intimidated, keep on posting and your confidence will grow. As John and Riz say, do be careful just now until stability returns to the market. Some traders will have made a lot of money in the last 48 hours but, unless you have deep pockets and lots of cash, the risks outweigh the benefits. It is also more risky if you go to work during the day and cannot watch the market tick by tick. Things are looking a lot better but the jury is still out. From a personal view point I have been burned once too often this year and until I feel better about this market I will be paper trading. Good luck, take care and do keep posting.

no financial advice intended

Thanks for your support guys. It's been a bit of a baptism of fire for me coming into the market when i did. But it could be the best thing that could have happened, instead of coming in a year ago and thinking i could buy any share and it would make an instant profit. I have lost count of the amount of times when i was considering buying a 'cheap' tech share but not having the b***s to buy it. I then watched as my paper trade fell and fell and fell still further. I have no confidence in this market and until such times as i do i will watch, learn and paper trade. My own personal opinion for what its worth is that their may be a brief respite but then further Q4 profit warnings will hit the market very hard. This is what i can see happening from my limited experience. Good luck everyone. Thanks again and hopefully with your help I'll be ready to make my fortune once my studies are out of the way!