Introducing myself


Hi everyone,

Just wanted to introduce myself to everyone and hopefully pick up any advice necessary as I start my journey as a trader. I am a beginner and interested in medium-long term investment. I have £1000 capital which I am looking to build as much as possibly while I work full time (currently working part time).

I figured since I have quite a bit of spare time, I can use this time to possibly learn as much as possible to make me a successful trader. I definitely would like to trade professionally in the future ( although not thinking about it now)

Just wanted to know if there were any books or courses anyone could recommend to assist me? I have read The Naked Trader by Robbie Burns and I'm currently half way through The Intelligent Investor by Ben Graham.

I have been trading for a couple of months and keep a spreadsheet of my profile with stop losses as well as profit targets, so thankfully I think I have a good start ;-)

Any other tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone
My advice - stick with what you have learnt in Naked Trader - esp if you are UK based.

Don't read anything else at all - or you'll end up 'Jack' of all trades and master of none.