Play at trading futures for free


To users of Trade2Win - This may be useful

Easy2Trade are currently offering the ability to try futures trading for FREE. It involves no downloads, no messing, just email them and they provide access details. There is no risk, because it's in a sim environment but the prices and market information are real-time.
I have used this for a few days and found it excellent for getting used to futures before risking my own cash.
I booked this by emailing [email protected]
Hi BigRon,

Thanks for this.

Is there a time limit before they take it away? I mean do you only get to try it for a short time before you have to decide if it is for you?
I think it's a few days, or it used to be. Tell them you are with Trade2Win and you may get it a bit longer....They also offer small discounts to our members....
If you ask for two days there's not a problem as long as there's enough space. To be honest I found that Universal Stock Futures offer a much better advantage than just trading the stock, and you'll need a few days to really see the benefits of trading them.
You can try out the thrills and spills of universal futures, trading real time at the liffe site.

I didnt think the Liffe website thing for USFs was much cop. However...

I tried the free demo from easy2trade and I've gotta say it's excellent. The program they use is very user-friendly and all internet based, boy do I hate messy software downloads and confusing installations.

The demo is great in that it lets you get a real feel of how the program would respond and react in a live environment. The datafeed is realtime and it was nice to try scalping the market without having to foot the bill at the end of the day!

I recommend everyone to give it a blast, I for one think the easytrade program is a real winner.