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I spoke to a guy there this morning. It seems they have a 1 day trial( which they said they can extend to two days, using real trading into a dummy account with 20K Euros. Here is his reply to me...
Dear Martin

Good to speak with you this morning. I have looked at the
website (and seen the entry on Easy2trade there - was that you?) and we'd
certainly be interested in advertising or promoting in whatever way is
possible (the url to our 'Trade for a Day' offer is - this will be added to the home page
shortly). I've included some more information on us below.

Easy2Trade is the new way to trade the world's financial markets online.
Accessed from any PC, via the Internet, Easy2Trade provides an easy to use
live trading, risk management and clearing service for futures on LIFFE and
Eurex, connecting you directly, 'straight through' to the financial

I'm gonaa have a go at the trial next week...others interested should get in touch...
Let's hope it's as good as they make out.UK and Europe Futs/options only at the moment but US around Xmas time.....and direct to market.

Martin. I started using Easy2trade from about the 2nd week of October. Didn't post anything up because I am still appraising it really. My main trading is the liffe future, and I have changed my account from Mann over to Easy2. Nothing wrong with mann, could not fault them for service, price etc.

Simply because of the speed at which the market can move I prefer to trade in mere seconds rather than having to pick up phone, state name etc. The other day the market moved 50 points while I would have been doing this. Although this is exceptional.

What I have found with Easy2 though, is that the price moves more than the feed I have from prestel/updata when things are happening. but this is only to be expected as the easy2 feed is direct from the floor while the prestel comes via updata software so lags at busy times. Last week there was a 20 point difference at times before they caught each other up. More importantly the trade price was lagging behind both as the market was being manipulated.

The only thing I do not like about Easy2trade is that they have a inactivity fee

This is £240 per quarter if you don't trade. It works out to (they say) less than a trade a day. At £8. per round trip it isn't too bad.

Though the personal view of a trader I know is that it's okay for us as traders to be unsure and not trade until we are ready. It's not okay for them (Brokers etc) to penalise us for not trading.

But as the man at Easy explained the fee was to stop people getting a free price feed direct from the exchange and taking up 'space' on the lines.

Last word. What if you take 6 weeks off to holiday somewhere and you don't want to take the damn laptop? When you come back you will have to trade a lot more to avoid any fees.

This is the only gripe I have. The software is joy to use, it's very quick and by trading at market I have always been filled quickly with none of the re quotes from the likes of CMC and hidden costs associated with the sb's.

Anyone wants any more info, or to chat about it. feel free to get in touch.

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Thanks for the info...maybe I can strike an " inactivity deal" on behalf of T2win users in exchange for us displaying their " banner ads"......That's the one bit that I didn't like.Any more comments anyone?
Looks interesting. The way I read it is that there is an inactivity fee of £240 per QUARTER, offset against 60 trades (30 round turns) at £4 per side. These seem very competitive.

I don't like inactivity fees - I have a full time job and tend not to trade very much during the summer evenings, but like to trade the US in the evenings in winter.
perfectly correct Roger. It should have been 'quarter' not 'month'
Thanks for spotting it. Should be amended now.