Intraday margining Change


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I am aware that users of this board use/prefer different brokers but I wanted to bring attention to the broker I use as they have just called and offered me improved margining for my futures contracts.

This is not a plug for the broker, but will hopefully give anyone else using them the opportunity to increase volumes/profits also.
Easy2Trade used to require margin of Exchange minimum plus 25% for each contract I wanted to trade. Now for the same deposit I can trade double the contracts, making my life a little easier. Obviously they'll gain on my commission fees but I have the opportunity to cost average when I've entered at the wrong place. They do require you sign an agreement, but that seems pretty standard.

Hope this is useful to those who already use them, and for anyone looking for a futures broker.
“margin of Exchange minimum plus 25% for each contract “

Sorry to burst your bubble but that is a pretty bad deal.

For daytrading, I get 50% of Exchange minimum with my broker (IB).

With Global is even better – you can daytrade ES for $500 a contract.

That is now what Easy2Trade were offering. The reason I did not mind the additional margin requirement when I opened the account was because I had to be sure my money was safe/segregated.
After 12 months with them I am now happy that the risk management there is tight, and that they now offer reduced margin because they can cater for it.
Thanks for the link, neil.

It confirms that Global has the lowest margins – beating even IB by a mile (or two).
Those are very low margins for day trading. Does anyone use this broker and have any feedback on them?