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Dear T2W members,

Trading is hard but this beautiful forum is to help each other and best way to do that is to go straight to practice - discuss trade setups and live trades.
In this thread I will post my goals, trade setups, actual trades and results.

I trade live account with currently $8K equity. I connected my account to myfxbook and here is the link to it Soyuz System by pipvision | Myfxbook8. There you can see my live stats.

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Enjoy and Happy Trading!


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EURUSD trade

This setup is perfect not because E/U direction is clear, but because it will be SUPER-EASY to realise that you are wrong and this mistake will be CHEAP.



Entry point: As early as possible after the Monday start, above 1.10.

TP: 1.1090 - 1.11, but the trade can be converted to long-term, so I will let part of my profits run if market conditions favour.

SL: Hard SL at 1.0950.

Detailed explanation on trading view: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/EURUSD/auBfZ9er-Really-EASY-setup-for-EURUSD-Cheap-Mistake/

Your likes and questions are the best motivation for me (after money ;).

Enjoy and Happy Trading!


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Hi guys,

Fundamental context:

  • Clearly, China and US won't make the deal. There was a lot of optimism priced in Gold (from me too!), based particularly on Trade Progress, which now starts to unwind
  • Tariffs are due to take effect on December 15. A lot of tariffs.
  • Surprising gloomy US Manufacturing PMI - 4 straight month in the downtrend, weak employment, new orders, production sub-indexes
  • Escalation over US Hong Kong and Xinjiang bill. Go and count how many times Chinese foreign Ministry used word "revenge" in their recent statements. :)

Technical context:


I expect to trade classic bullish flag which well-worked last time. Currently, the price has retraced by approx. 38% from the peak which is well enough to start expecting the breakout. RSI is in the downtrend watch for its breakout too as a confirmation. Key level to watch is 1490-1491, I wouldn't recommend to get into the trade before we get the reason.

Attention! This trade is long-term. Position accordingly. If you don't know how to position this trade- welcome to the group, I will help https://t.me/pipvision.
My live account http://bit.ly/pipvision


Entry price: $1490-1491 only after pullback on the lower timeframe.
Take profit: $1600
Stop loss: $1469

Enjoy and Happy Trading!


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BTCUSD Trade. Prepare for to catch heavy SHORT!

Today I would like to introduce you to the Range fill analysis explanation for BTCUSD
This BTCUSD analysis is based on Daily timeframe , with the Exponential Moving Averages (emas) the confluence for our great analysis.

Screenshot 2019-12-11 at 09.12.26.png2700x1170 291 KB

The BTCUSD has had a bearish momentum and now, it is hanging in an area with no any strong support level to stop this momentum.
The concept of range fill is built under the use of two things, first there has to be a support with consolidation that has hold for long, with our case the price range was at 4000.00 then the price departs far from it, with our case our case 13800.00 then fails to move further and shows the momentum of going back to its old support with consolidation.
As it can be seen the price is currently at 7260.70 level showing a good bearish momentum, this has been proven by the ema cross. Since the concept of this emas is that when 14 ema crosses ema 50 and stays below it is a proof for strong bearish momentum.

Trade Setup: 14ema cross 50ema from above
Sell entry should be at 7100.00
Stop loss, should be at 8500.00
Take profit should be 4000.00

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My live account: Soyuz System by pipvision | Myfxbook

Happy Trading to you all


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Perfect Pound Pullback

Screenshot 2019-12-17 at 22.53.37.png2270x1436 270 KB


Buy at 1.30840
TP: 1.3290
SL: 1.29900

Expect tomorrow boost after the release of healthy UK consumer inflation reading (for November). Very important data to fill the vacuum as elections is out of the way.

Don’t get into the trade if the signal is not validated!

Giveaway of my Paid trading books & signals on the go: Telegram: Contact @pipvision
My live account: Pip Ideas System by pipvision | Myfxbook

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Enjoy and Happy trading!


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On the chart above
you can see two falling wedges in the bullish market which resulted in two strong breakouts above EMA 50. This points to strong bullish pressure on the 15M chart. Also we see that RSI approaches lower bound (30 points) around which it is expected to rebound as it happened in three previous cases (shown by blue shaded areas). Note that RSI reversals from lower bounds work better in during up-trending markets which we currently observe.

Trade setup:

Entry point 1 - 1.30845, Entry 2 - 1.30645
Take Profit 1.31450
Stop Loss 1.30420

More signals: Telegram: Contact @pipvision
Live trading account Pip Ideas System by pipvision | Myfxbook


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‼️ So, we got December NFP on Friday and here are takeaways:

🔨 New Jobs – 145K vs. 165K expected. BIG MISS!
💵 Wage growth – 0.1% vs. 0.3 expected. BIG MISS!
👨‍💼 Unemployment: 3.5%, unchanged from November.

I managed to close my Gold position in small profit despite betting on the opposite NFP guess (ready my previous post). Subsequent price action indicated that the bullish spike had to be short-lived. There was also a hint from data about that but what was the key inference? With unemployment at record low of 3.5%, lower-than-expected new jobs count could be affected by WORKERS SHORTAGE, which is a sign of OVERHEATING rather than cooling. Counterintuitive, eh?

Yeah, we have to read the "fine print" and in the run up to 4 or 5 previous NFP reports I read many anecdotal stories that firms are struggling to hire. If you want even less evident point about that here it is: At this low unemployment rate, the candidates being hired were likely to be out of labor for a longer time => more time and costs involved for their training what acts as a constraint for hiring and wage growth.

While stagnant wage growth just strengthens the case (that we already know) that Fed won't make policy shifts at least until the end of 2020. No change in expectations - little reaction from the assets side.

That’s why separate reports like December one with no confirmation from the unemployment figure may be discounted by the markets.

Today, Gold is down by 0.40% as the focus shifts to signing ceremony of the US-Sino trade deal. Expect further cooling and price searching for support test on generally calm and positive market sentiments.

✅ Trade setup:

Sell XAUUSD at current price.
Price targets: $1540 and $1535.
Stop loss: $1558.50

More stuff: Telegram: Contact @pipvision
Live trading account Pip Ideas System by pipvision | Myfxbook


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✅ Gold Sell signal hit Take Profit (both price targets).
Congratulations to those who followed this signal and made profit! 🥂
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