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Lucky Luke

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How do you get those neat little pictures under your names on posts ?
This one is supposed to have my Lucky Luke Logo on it.
If it works, then I've answered my own question - if not - can someone else please help !



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Hiya Lucky Luke

If you goto edit post, on the bottom right of the post you did. You'll see a box at the top saying delete post. Tick the box on the left and click the button on the right. (Can you tell I've done this before) :D

Cheers FTSE Beater.
Thought I'd better say thanks before deleting the whole thread - a side effect of deleting the first post.
( previous post now successfully deleted if anyone's trying to follow this thread )

Solution to original question of picture.
Profile button, Edit options, at the bottom of the screen is a button called Change Avatar. Put an image in from the sites choice, or your own.
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Hi Lucky Luke,

You won't be able to delete the thread (only admin/moderators can), but as it happens I think it serves a useful reminder to anyone else who doesn't know or has forgotten how to personalise their account with a so-called "avatar".

Thanks FTSE for answering that question...

HiYa Sharky,

Good idea about leaving the post up, I'll do that so anyone else with the same question can find a quick answer - I took a while, and I'm supposed to know about these computer things :)

I haven't tried deleting the original post, but I did get this warning on the top of the screen :-

"Note: deleting this post will result in the deletion of the entire thread if this post is the first post in the thread."

Thinks - shall I just try it .....

While I'm here ..... How do I go about "coming of Age" ?
Currently a Junior Member, I'd like to be all grown up and become a Member.

Will winning this months Compo help :)