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I am building a new technical analysis and options trading program for commercial release hopefully around January next year.

If any users could tell me what features they would like but do not get at the moment from the existing providers or any good ideas I would love to hear them.

Also, which data providers should it be compatible with?

Tell me what you want!




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As a Technical Analyst I like to use;
Bollinger Bands
Rate of Change set at 9
CCI at 20
Macd set at 7,15,9
Volume in different colours red for sell black for buy
Kagi. You can see Kagi at
Thje Kagi plot set at 0.0 is a fantastic confirmation tool and can be traded on its own.

Keep me in the loop. I am interested. Why not add Nostradamus for Forex Traders?



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aha Madas...ive got a brand new, improved Grail.

I call it Grail 2 - The Son of Grail..

it has 3 options and is therefore 50% better.

its got BUY,SELL and wait for it, FLAT.

can anyone suggest a Grail 3 - Grail Strikes Back ??


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Grail 3 - sure!

It's got 4 options (at no extra cost)

1. Buy

2. Sell

3. Flat

4. Why the last signal you got was wrong.


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ok, Grail 5 - Austin Powers, Gold digger




4)explanation of balls-up

5)offer of money-back guarantee

6)voiding of losing trades

7)offer to purchase system bolt-on at a once-in-a-lifetime discount price of 50% off


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My independent financial advisor says it only needs one cos stocks always go up.


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Volatile, you don't say who your target market would really be.
TA is a very mixed bag of tools.
It's no good asking what we want if we're all coming from different perspectives; you'll end up with a ragbag of wishes which don't hang together.


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My proposition is more involved than to spend 9 months and huge sums of money on constructing a programme based exclusively on the views (however worthy) of members of this forum.

Rather the question was deliberately posed in a broad sense to try to get a free flow of ideas.

The technical analysis features of the programme (it also has extensive derivatives analysis functionality) will be of a generic nature combining the stronger features of those already on the market with our tools that I have built over my years of professional money management.

In direct answer to your question the programme will be sold in two editions, professional and private. Private users are anticipated to be from beginner to advanced and the professional edition (we have made 6 professional pre sales at a 20% discount to the launch price) will typically be HFMs, CTAs and bank prop desks.

Any thoughts as to what the private user requires are very much appreciated and may result in a free copy for beta testing when we near completion...

Jerry Medved

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volatileN said:
which data providers should it be compatible with?

Make it so your software can connect to QuoteTracker for data. That way, you would in affect gain access to all the data providers supported by QT (and there are many).

Currently, we have a request/response API (documented at

However, we are in the process of implementing a streaming API that gives far more control to the 3rd party application. Once that is available, we will post it on our message board (will have a separate section there specifically for API development). Feel free to contact me regarding this.

Jerry Medved


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The streaming API is of interest (RFQ is not really enough) and we are indeed interested in becoming compatible with your system.

If you could email me full details of your streaming API when available along with your standard developer information I would be grateful.

Please keep in touch on this,



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What will it have that all the many others don't? Is there something new you will be adding. I agree with a previous poster that there are so many tools, you have to careful not to add too many that confilct. PnF is important for me. Keep me informed too. I am always open to new stuff.


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Hi VolatileN, make it possible to use in Australia on Aussie markets (that's if the strategy/rules still apply to our markets as well).

I'd be interested in betatesting it for you on the Oz markets if you'd like?!

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