Options analysis/simple portfolio management software


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To make my trading easier, I'm looking for a decent set of basic software tools.

In terms of analysis, the best working one I've bought so far is Hoadley tools for Excel. It clunky and manual and you have to set-up each trade manually, individually. Not efficient, particularly when trying to review existing positions.

I found, for me, the perfect mix of analysis and very basic portfolio management. It's an application, now abandoned regrettably called optionsoracle. Fantastic little bit of software and completely free!

I've looked at every options software I can find. I cannot find anything, paid or otherwise that matches the features of TOS or OptionsOracle. TOS (cannot have outside US), optionsoracle no longer maintained and needs some updating to work (though source is available is anyone was good enough to work on it).

Perhaps most people will not be familiar with the above 2. What they provide is strategy analysis including graphs, trade probabilities including portfolio probabilities, basic portfolio management and record of open positions. Options oracle does it in a fantastic intuitive way and would really be my ideal, if it could be fixed.

Can anyone suggest any alternatives. I can't believe the best solution I found to date is/was completely free and now abandoned!



Like you I have searched all over the net space for a UK product, could not find any, unless you want to go with with optionvue which is very expensive or the professional providers with a cost out of the reach for the retail trader.

Fortunately for me I trade mainly US options via IB with an application called 'OptionNet Explorer', the designer of the application is UK based, but does not cover international mkts. I would like to trade FTSE100 options, for some diversification, but can find any analytics to help me with this.