Peak performance team

Hie guys. I am looking for people interested forming a peak performance group in trading currencies.. The group will be to help us grow, remain focused and create an environment for never ending possibilities

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I started trading last year and have been moderately successful, but now I want to take my trading to the next level by managing my trading psychology and peak performance partners.... and you tell me about your trading life

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Are you trying to get ideas to make a profitable EA ?
Recently there was a similar thread but the thread starter disappeared after a few posts.
A peak performance team... it’s jus a small group which consists of same level traders whom you will work together to enhance your trading performance... so we will be helping each other especially on our areas of weaknesses as we will be holding accountability to ourselves

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It's very great name. We improve ourselves as trader than we join the great team. This is the right step of my friend when he gained experience in the market.

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