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Stop it Dave!!!!!
I almost felt a twinge of guilt there ;0)
PFscan is still on my list so dont give up yet.

Seriously, for anyone else following this thread, there was never any pressure to buy.
It was always a question of whether it suited your trading style.

Meanwhile with Updata now, I'm getting ads for killer add-ons.
Wish I had the time to follow them all up!


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No probs -
just take the rohypnol <sp?> I sent you to ensure the 'guaranteed 10 zillion % profit system' is completely erased from your memory.

There's an element of 'in joke' in all this - I'm actually selling stuff I write for myself, as anyone who ever tried telling me I should program stochastics in will doubtless confirm. Whilst it would be nice to have 20,000 users (I mean it, I WILL throw BBQ's for 'early adopters') the fact is that I'm not that bothered - I fully intend to be rich (= can play flamethrower over banknotes yet still have more left in bank than managed to burn each day) regardless... I have to be honest here, Updata, Metastock and whoever are all trying to make the cash they need to survive, they have to sell a certain amount to stay solvent - I don't. This allows me to be very honest, upfront, and - let's be honest - unbearably smug at times about morality and advertising etc.

Not a problem, buy, don't buy - I enjoy a somewhat unique position, I want unfeasibly large wads of money, not a heart attack <g>

As for adverts, cue some clever mood music, what did you expect? <g> Actually I get a lot of email off them too - it has reduced (noticeably NOT to zero) since I opted out... I sent an email to opt out, I also pointed out that I was actually a competitor - the fact that I still get invites/ads suggests that they are either pretty dim or taking the p***!

No hard feelings, just watch yourself at Halloween - I live just down the road from Cawdor and the night is fast approaching.... 'when shall we three meet again?' and all that. (T Pratchett readers needn't answer - I have the book!)


Just wondering if someone could help me here?

I use Stockcharts for my EOD pnf data.The usual stuff, $dow, $ndx, so on and so forth.My problem is they really seem to stop on the indices, USD and some of the metals ie gold ,silver and copper,also Oil is available.

Does anyone know if it is possible to get pnf data for individual currencies say FX, Cable and others, GB/EURO included.Other commodities as well on there website.Ive tried typing different symbols but I can only get the above stuff that i just mentioned.

Sorry to be a tight *** here but as all info is free from Stockcharts just wondering if anyone knew where I could obtain this other stuff for free as well.If it is possible to get it from stockcharts does anyone know the symbols for them.

Much appreciated.Ash


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Hi Ash,

So far as I know you can (and should) be able to draw a P&F chart for almost anything on stockcharts provided you know the symbol. Try this:


Note what they say in the "header" paragraph: "We now provide two kinds of P&F charting, our text-based "Classic P&F Charts" and our Java-based "Dynamic P&F Chart tool". Both let you quickly create charts for any stock, index, or Mutual Fund we track. Our Classic Tool runs on any web browser and automatically adds trendlines for you while our Dynamic Tool lets you draw your on trendlines and adjust chart parameters in real time!"

For example:


They're not great, but they look OK to me?





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I suspect the clue is in the info Mayfly copied -
'any stock, index or Mutual fund we track...'


try bull's-eye broker at http://www.archeranalysis.com/beb/index.html

The software has the following features:

High clarity Point & Figure charts.
Relative strength charts.
Bullish & RS Bullish % charts for any portfolio of stocks.
Extensive pattern recognition. Search for 19 different point & figure patterns.
One-point reversal charts using the Wyckoff method.
Link directly to your existing Metastock, TC2000, Amibroker or text file data. No maintenance required!
Data import facilities allowing existing text (ASCII) data in a number of formats (including free web sources) to be utilized.
User defined & automatic trend lines.
Automatic calculation of price objectives using horizontal and vertical counts.


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I think the phrase "just wondering if anyone knew where I could obtain this other stuff for free as well" is the unfortunate one here Ketchup, getting this stuff charted can be done cheaply, but free charting depends on the data supply - stockcharts will do the charting, but I suspect getting the requested data for cable, other forex and commodities isn't available via them... Bulls Eye, Pfscan, Updata, Metastock and others will do P&F, and you can obtain free data for at least some of the requested data in a format these programs will handle... but all of them cost at least a few dollars to buy. (Some, obviously, rather more than others).
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