Options broker using Metatrader?


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Hello everyone,,
I've been looking into options to diversify my portfolio, but can't seem to find a good broker. I don't really mind where they are based (i.e. UK/USA/JAPAN - not panama etc.) aslong as they have a good dealing desk (like meta trader).
openweb.vip/whatsapp-web/ https://19216801.onl/
Do any options brokers allow you to trade options via metatrader? or have there own downloadable platform? i *HATE* every browser based platform i've seen so far thats all, but if someone knows a nice one, i'm all ears!

(PS - i like metatrader because it remembers what indicators i use and leaves my charts open n stuff when i exit, not for EA's)

Many thanks!
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Is there some advantage for instance of trading an option on gold to MT4 trading gold ?

The latter doesn't expire worthless for instance and lose all your money if it goes wrong.

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