Opera and the competition


Ah poo! The competition screen appears to run differently under the Opera browser. With IE6 there is a stop/limit order box but this does not appear under the Opera browser. I've just found this out today. Ho hum.
Is that right.. I'll take a look Jeroo, to be honest I've never tried browsing the site with Opera, despite Opera adhering to the html standards better than any other browser. Should be able to fix it this weekend.

The font page is all over the place as well! What have you been doing with yourself this weekend? I do like Opera, it's easily the fastest brower I've used and I've 'em all.
bit off-topic this, but is it possible to use opera on a computer with IE6 installed? And does it cost anything to get opera.
Hi dsmodi,

It will be fine to install on a PC already using IE6 - you can even install the new version of Netscape 7 if you wish. As for cost, there is a free version, but if you dont want the ads, you';; have to pay for it. The only other conceivable problem is that a lot of web developers don't check a browser like Opera to see if there pages look correct (myself included) so you're more likely to come across website that don't look as good as in IE.

Sharky - Well done for sorting out the stop/limit order box. Cheers. BTW, the front page is all skewiff as well under Opera 6. Can you sort this out too? :confused:
No problem - thanks for letting me know how it looks - I don't always have time to check compatability with all the browsers, so I appreciate the assistance.

As for the front page looking strage, that's now fixed. There was a problem with the width of one of the columns and Opera doesn't seem to support the scrollable news box. I managed to fix the width, but have had to remove the news for the time being, at least it doesn't overlap with the diary now though.