Online investment porfolio


Hi everyone, I have found an interesting link that lets you watch the development of a live 1000000$ investment portfolio on-line. The guys have made nearly 4000 bucks in 9 days! i was quite impressed! The most amazing thing, though, is that they are willing to explain their winning techniques on-line. And for free. Here is the link:

What do you think of it? I am a beginner trader and i am seeking anobjective opinion on this porfolio's trading techniques. If they are reasonable, I will keep watching its development, if not, i will just back away...

Oh,yeah, here is the demo trade station that I am currently using:
10000 USD of profit!

Yes! It has finally happened: Dr Duka’s baby has turned into an 11 kg giant! The 10000 barrier of portfolio’s profit was broken about half an hour ago and ever since the “baby” has been getting heavier…Now protfolio’s total profit makes up 11254 USD, which boils down to a 0.8% daily growth of portfolio’s overall value…It seems that obstinate Dr Duka is still determined to achieve his objective of 1% of daily growth :). Well, well, he cannot be THAT lucky, can he?
Damn it, I have been closely monitoring portfolio’s development and replicate all its positions, but I only get about 0.3% of daily profit (of portfolio’s value), not 1%, as dr duka does. What is the problem? Do I do something wrong or is entire show is nothing more than a blatant piece of play acting? Has anyone else tried to replicate portfolio’s positions?
20000 bucks

Well, portfolio profit has totalled 20000 bucks on the 19th day of its existence. But, to tell you the truth, I believe that it would have been much less had these guys paid commissions! Without the need to pay commissions I would have probably also done well with 100000 USD of initial assets. The problem is: I do not have this either :LOL: