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Hi All,

My very first post in this forum, I hope I find a solution.

I am using Blackberry Curve 8520 and trade indian equities on it. I am unable to find a good online charting website (Free + EOD or WEEKLY CHARTS) to view charts for Forex or Equities trading on NASDAQ / NYSE.

I just use 3 moving averages to trade and If I find any websites, I don't see clear charting or option of adding 2 or 3 ma's.

Anyone who trades on the go on a cell phone ? :)

Happy & Safe Trading,



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On a mobile?? That would be hard... For Forex/Equities (US) try for NSE/BSE stocks try (Free EOD) but works off java applet and suitable for desktop. Tradingview has a nice app for iphone/ipad and other tablets.

And there's netdania charts which has everything including alerts.

Trading off charts from a mobile phone screen = something I wouldn't even think of. You could


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Hi Jb :)

(1) Yes, on a mobile. Due to my work schedule and trading on weekly charts primarily in stocks, I can conduct trades from mobile. Forex is different story though, I trade it only from desktop since I seldom use anything more than M15 tf.

(2) I've used tradingview in past on desktop and its amazing but then in desktop I have platforms already. On my mobile, tradingview charts do not open. I've found a solution thought. and UC browser displays excellent charts on this website.

(3) Depends on timeframe traded in stocks. I think you can pretty much manage easily if you trade EOD or Weekly charts.

(4) US stocks may command a different strategy as compared to indian stocks. Over here, 3 ema / 15 ema on weekly works great. Entry is when a candle closes above 15 ema and 3 ema is above 15 ema and exit is on 5th candle from crossover. Its sad I found this to not work in US stocks. I tried this on GOOG, maybe I selected wrong stock. Let's see, my strategy work great on EOD and Weekly.

Thanks for your reply.

Best Regards.

(1) On a mobile?

(2) Forex/Equities (US) try for NSE/BSE stocks try

(3) Trading off charts from a mobile phone screen = something I wouldn't even think of. You could
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