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And another welcome to you Chased. Look forward to your future contributions and do go enjoy the chat room too.

Best wishes.



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Thankyou for the welcome, pleased to be aboard,it all seems very civilised and well informed in here.


Ps Chartman, I'm thanking you because I'm assuming that " BB" in your post stood for bulletin board :), mind you I've been called worse than the alternative.


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Martin..........Could think of many expletives, but like the guy says, this BB is civilised so we'll leave it at that.



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Hi Charlie... welcome.
Don't worry about about iDealing not being linked to a major... i'd be more worried if they were.
Seriously i can't see that being a concern...they do not hold any of your money.
Good luck


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Thanks Steve,

Reassuring to hear. Actually I have no fears about iDealing either, I just felt it was only fair to express concerns I've seen posted elsewhere from time to time.

Stockholdings are clearly safe, but any delay in sorting out a collapse at iDealing could effectively preclude one from trading ones stocks for some time, and that would be a worry. I'm not trying to scare monger, I do a lot of business with them, and have accepted the marginal additional risk associated with a small, privately backed broker.

Thanks again for the welcome,



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Hi All,

I note that this thread appears to have dried up several years ago, I just wondered, that with the "demise" of Schwab if it was worth looking at peoples thoughts on the current availablility of Internet dealers. This is of particular interest to me as I am currently with Schwab and would be interested in the views of others out there with regards to service and prices etc.

Look forward to any responses.

Regards, Dave

FTSE Beater

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Hi Brycheiniog

Welcome to T2W :)

I'm not sure if you know, but Schwab has been taken over by Barclays Stockbrokers, and my experience of Barclays isn't the greatest in the world.

I think the best bet is . Especially as they have limit and stop orders. :)

Hope this helps


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Thankyou FTSE Beater,

Yes I am aware that Barclays is taking Schwab over, hence the reason for me looking around!;-)




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Brycheiniog said:
I am currently with Schwab and would be interested in the views of others out there with regards to service and prices etc.

I'm also with Schwab, and so this concerns me too. I also have an account with Comdirect, and in general they are good.

However, there are weaknesses compared to Schwab. Comdirect, and most other online brokers are fine if you are trading liquid stocks, such as SETS stocks, and are not trying to trade at or near the NMS on stocks with wideish spreads. Schwab consistently get me better prices on larger quantities than Comdirect manage in these cases.

Also Schwab automatically send me all correspondence, reports etc from all the stocks I hold, which Comdirect won't do.

Both of these are probably not issues that affect those who trade rather than hold for longer periods, so they may not affect you. If they don't I'd have no problem recommending Comdirect. However, if they do matter, I haven't been able to find an online broker who can match what Schwab provides, so for now I'm just going to have to wait and see just what they come up with.


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Thanks for the input Peter,

It appears that they all have pros and cons of some description, and the method in which one trades will decide on the eventual choice of supplier as usual!:confused:




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If anyone is still looking for an on-line dealing service Sharecrazy is good at £9 per trade. You can also set limits and the helpdesk will not charge any extra for telephone dealing.


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Interactive Brokers offers UK stocks at 0.1% with a £5.00 minimum per trade they are probably the cheapest out there for deals under 9k. I think they only cover SETS names though.

I use them for e-minis and the fills are very quick.


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ok to join and use two or three diff online brokers?

I made a coupla trades with selftrade.
Then i discovered hoodless brennan, and made my latest trade with them.
Hoodless is slightly cheaper. For the normal trade cost.

I bought some shares yesterday. Eg the price on yahoo finance and on selftrade was 6.15p
but the price on hoodless was 6.25p.....why is this? were they compensating for the reduced commission cost, so bumping the price to buy a little?

Also one of my stocks on selftrade was valued at £715, but when i tested this, and tried to sell it, i was offered like £680, after a few attempts. If it is valued at £715 market value, why was i getting offered a much less offer, when selling????
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