online broker

Feb 27, 2008
Hello everyone,

I am new to stocks and never trade in my life. I have very little information about trading. I want to open a online account. Please help me to decide a online borker who have low commission, fast execution and after hours trading option. I would like to start with $4000 and I will definety need a margin account. Please also give me some useful informaiton that are good for my trading. Thank you
Apr 18, 2008
Learn and understand the risk,
Develope a trading plan,
Gain the discipline to stick to your plan,
Paper trade, to learn your trading platform,
Paper trade, to understand your market,
Paper trade, to make dicisions making second nature,
Cash is a valid position, so Paper trade.
Keep positions small, to limit risk,
Admit when the market moves against you, adjust or exit.
If you select a stock or index, learn how it trades, like a Market Maker.
I'm sure others in this form can add much more to this list.